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.O.A.S Fiber Body Replacement Kit

Are you tired of your current tanks clunk performance?

The Lynx M.O.A.S. (Mother of All Suckers) is a new and innovative solution for you.
The heart of the M.O.A.S. is a special synthetic fiber body, which will maintain and absorb your fuel until the last drop.
This will also help to maintain a stable carburetor setting from full to empty tanks.
The M.O.A.S. body filter fiber, which was designed with help from one of the top engineers in absorber fibers,
is resistant to all fuel compounds, including Nitro, Alcohol, Synthetic and Mineral oil, Gasoline, and Diesel.

M.O.A.S. Specs:
* Absorbant Fiber Body that lasts 5 times longer than the competition
* Perfect carburetor settings from full to empty tanks
* Superior shock, chemical resistance, function and durability
* Optional replaceable fiber body
* Overall dimensions: Diameter 11mm - Length 18mm

Bag Contain:
3 x M.O.A.S Fiber Body
3 x Nylon Retaining washer Ring